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16-Inch Diameter, FLAT-FREE Wheels (2-Pack)

20-inch Flat Free Wheels

The Sherpa 16-inch diameter FLAT FREE Wheels are the same wheels used on our aluminum game carts and other products. They are scent free and have sealed roller wheel bearings for smooth operation. They are available with bearings to fit a 1/2", 9/16", 5/8" or 3/4" diameter axle.

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Part #:WHEEL01

  • 16-inch diameter, flat-free wheel
  • Driect replacement for Rubbermaid Carts
  • Use on game carts, dock carts and more
  • Solid rubber tire on plastic wheel
  • Hub width is 2.5-inches
  • 9/16" bearing standard (choose others below)
  • Fits replacement axles
  • 2.2-pound carry weight
  • 200-pound capacity
16-inch diameter flat free wheel Replacement Cart Wheel Rubbermaid Cart Wheel Flat Free Cart Wheel