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Sherpa Wheels for Summit Viper Classic (Steel) Climbing Stands

Summit Viper Classic Model Conversion Kit

The Sherpa Treestand Conversion Kit allows you to convert your favorite steel Summit Viper Classic brand treestand into a cart. It can be used as a game cart after a successful harvest or use it to roll your stand and all of your gear deep into public hunting lands. It attaches and detaches quickly and reqires no modification to your stand.

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Part #:GCSUM02

  • Two, custom aluminum brackets
  • Two, flat-free 16" diameter wheels
  • Four, cam-buckle cinch straps
  • Axle pins, washers, 23.5" galvanized axle
  • Assembly instructions
  • Attaches and detaches quickly and easily
  • Weight capacity - 250-pounds
  • Carry weight - 10-pounds
Converts your stand in seconds. Packs down for transport. Parts for Summit Viper Classic Wheel Kit

The Sherpa Game Cart Kit is a revolutionary attachment that converts your treestand into a game cart. Its light-weight, strong and durable design is custom crafted to fit your favorite steel, Summit Viper Classic brand treestand. The game cart kit nests into the back of your treestand for transport into the woods. These stands are also sometimes call Summit Steel treestands. Upon harvesting your animal the game cart kit quickly converts your treestand into a rugged, go-anywhere game cart. The compact Sherpa Game Cart Kit is perfect for public land or deep woods and is designed to help you go further, stay longer and hunt smarter.