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Mesh Net Kit for Game Carts and Utility Carts

20-inch Flat Free Wheels

Knotted nylon netting can be tied into your game cart or utility cart to help hold smaller items. Our net kits come with ever how many square feet of netting you choose at checkout. You can also order 550-paracord by the foot to help tie your netting into your cart. If you prefer, you can use zip ties to secure the netting to your cart. Simply choose the number of square feet of materail that you need in your shopping cart and after checkout we will email to confirm the dimensions.

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$3.90 Per Square Foot



  • Price is per square foot
  • Adjust number of square feet needed in shopping cart
  • After receiving order we will email to confirm dimensions
  • Heavy-duty, #24, knotted nylon net
  • Black UV and weather resistant bonded
  • 3/4-inch square holes
  • 275 lb per strand break strength
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