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12-Inch Diameter, Flat-Free Beach Wheels (2-Pack)

12-Inch Flat-Free Beach Wheels, 2-Pack

The Sherpa 12-inch diameter Flat-Free Balloon Beach Wheels are the same wheels used on our universal cooler carts. They are a solid wheel that is 6-inches wide and rolls over all types of terrain with ease. They are ideal for beach sand, turf, soft dirt, grass and more.

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Part #:WHEEL06

  • 12-inch diameter, flat-free wheels
  • Wheels are 6-inches wide
  • Use beach carts, wagons and custom projects
  • Thick, nylon bushings made to fit 7/8" diameter axle
  • Nylon bushings can be drilled to fit a larger diameter axle.
  • Hub width is 6.00-inches wide
  • 250-pound capacity
12-inch diameter flat-free wheel Flat-free Beach Wheel Flat-Free Wheel, 2-pack Flat-Free Wheels

The Sherpa 12-inch flat-free beach wheels are ideal for beach sand and the softest terrain. The 6-inch wide tires have enough surface area to easily roll over the softest sand. You can use them to replace the wheels on your existing beach cart or use them to make your own custom model. Because they are flat-free you will never have to worry about them going flat or having other issues.