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Sherpa Hunting is the realization of the American dream. Born in a recession and developed through dedication, the products available through Sherpa Hunting have one help you maximize your outdoor experience. Sherpa Hunting fabricates its products in God's country, otherwise known as Morganton, NC using American workers. Morganton is in the Catawba River valley in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains and about 10 minutes from Pisgah National Forest. After years of hunting deer on public land in the rugged Appalachian Mountains, owner Brian Vandergraff learned an important lesson. The deeper one travels into the woods in search of game, the higher their chance of harvesting a quality animal. This strategy does however come with an inherent problem. Once you harvest your animal it must be extracted from the woods. Most Wildlife Management Areas do not allow the use of motorized vehicles so the hunter must extract their harvest manually. There are several methods commonly used to remove deer from the woods and each has its limitations. Simply dragging the animal by hand works for short distances and using a drag line can extend your range slightly. A traditional game cart is effective at game removal, however they are heavy, bulky, noisy and rarely near you when you need it most. The Sherpa Game Cart is a light-weight, heavy-duty, compact and easy to use game extraction tool. It packs in and out with one of the most necessary pieces of equipment that every deer hunter uses, the climbing treestand. Upon harvesting their animal a hunter can convert his or her treestand into a rugged, go-anywhere game cart in less than one minute. This makes game removal as easy as rolling a cart through the woods and extends a hunters range almost indefinitely. It is also effective at removing game from tight areas or woods without vehicle access. There are currently Sherpa Game Cart kits available for over a dozen brands of treestands. We are working to develop Sherpa Game Cart kits for other brands of treestands and plan to make them available shortly. If you have a treestand that you would like a Sherpa Game Cart kit developed for we encourage you to email us with the brand name and other relevant information about the stand.